1-Zone Industrial Temperature Control Panel with RTD (PT100) Input - 120V AC, 15A Capacity

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1-Zone Industrial Temperature Control Panel with RTD (PT100) Input - 120V AC, 15A Capacity


  • Digital Temperature Controller Accurate To ± 0.3% FS
  • Front Panel Alarm Buzzer/Red Flashing Indicator
  • Rugged, NEMA 1 Painted Steel Enclosure
  • Pre-assembled, Pre-wired, Ready-To-Operate
  • Configured For RTD (PT100) a=0.00385
  • Available with Pre-wired Power and Output Cables
  • 120VAC, SSR with 15A (1800 Watts) Control Capacity


  • R & D Laboratory Use
  • Equipment Sterilization
  • Food & Pharmaceutical Processing


Series TCPSS-1Z are Economical, Wall Mount, 1-Zone RTD (PT100) Temperature Control Panels that provide accurate temperature control for a variety of laboratory and industrial heating applications. The units operates on 120V AC and consists of a high performance, dual display auto-tuning PID temperature controller with one pre-wired Solid State Relay (SSR} control output. Front panel features an On/Off switch and an alarm module that provides both visual and audible warnings. Models are pre-configured for PT100 RTD sensor types. The unit is available with, or without, pre-wired power and output cables. The fused output provides up to 15 Amps capacity to control heaters and other similar resistive scientific and industrial heating equipment.


Sensor Input: RTD (PT100) a=0.00385
Temperature Control Range: -148 to 1112 ºF (-100 to 600 ºC)
Sensor Connection: Terminal Block
Panel Control Output: Internal Solid Sate Relay (SSR)
Control Capacity: 120V AC, 15A (1800 Watts) Max
Temperature Controller Type: Auto-tune PID
Temperature Accuracy: ± 0.3% of Full Scale
Display Type: Dual 4-digit LED
Display Range: -1999 to 9999 (Depends on input type)
Operating Voltage: 120V AC, 50/60 Hz
Controller/Alarm Fusing: 1A (10 x 38mm)
Control Output Fusing: 20A (10 x 38mm)
Alarm: Audible Buzzer with Flashing Red Indicator
Operating Temperature: 32 to 124 ºF (0 to 51 ºC)
Enclosure Type: NEMA 1, Painted Steel with Knockouts
Enclosure Dimensions: 12 x 8 x 6” (305 x 203 x 153mm)

Models with optional Pre-wired Power and Output cables feature standard male and female receptacle plugs.

Power Cable: 7ft long, Male Plug.
Output Cable: 3ft long, Female Plug.

Note: Sensor input type is factory set and dedicated by model.