Economical Septic Control Panel - 120V AC

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Grinder Simplex Control Panel - 120V AC

Model: ESCP-120VAC-1PSI


  • Designed For Use with Pump, Air Compressor & Float Switch
  • Rugged, Weather Resistant NEMA Rated Enclosure
  • 85db Audible Piezo Horn & Red Indicator Light
  • Standard 1 PSI Air Pressure Switch Included
  • Pump, Compressor & Alarm Circuit Breakers
  • Control for 120V AC 1/2 HP or Less Pump
  • Front Door “Run-Off-Test” & “Silence” Switches
  • 120V AC 50/60 Hz, 1 Phase Operation
  • Automatic Alarm Reset


  • Sump Pump Basins, Holding Tanks
  • Water, Holding & Sewage Tanks
  • Septic System


This Septic Control Panel is designed to operate an Aerobic treatment unit.  This control panel will power one air compressor and one 120V AC single phase ½ HP pump.  A pump float switch wired inline of the pump power controls the running of the pump.

One of the internal 10 Amp circuit breakers provides power to a rotary or linear air compressor. A second 10 Amp internal circuit breaker provides power to the alarm circuit. The high-water alarm circuit is designed to be used with a normally open float switch.  When the high-water float switch raised to the point where the contacts become shorted the alarm light and piezo buzzer will turn on.

A standard 1 PSI air pressure switch is included to monitor system air pressure.  The unit can be ordered in two different configurations. Model ESCP-120VAC-1PSI-MS features the pressure switch already mounted into the enclosure. Model ESCP-120VAC-1PSI-RS features a loose pressure switch that can be mounted external to the enclosure.  The normally closed (NC) and common (Com) contacts of the switch are used. When the air pressure of system drops below 1 PSI, the alarm light and buzzer will activate. This unit also includes alarm test and buzzer silence switches mounted on the front door of the enclosure. The NEMA 4, 4X rated 8”x 6”x4” enclosure is made of Polycarbonate and has a hinged lockable door. All electrical components are mounted inside the enclosure on a steel back plate.


Alarm Indication: Red Indicator, Piezo Horn: 85 dB
Operating Voltage: 120V AC 50/60 Hz
Alarm Reset: Automatic
Connection: Terminal Blocks
Circuit Breakers: Pump – 20A, Compressor - 10A, Alarm – 10A
Operating Temperature: -40 to175 ºF (-40 to 80 ºC)
Installation: For Indoor or Outdoor Use
Enclosure: UL Listed, NEMA 4X (PC/PBT)
Enclosure Dimensions: 8 x 6 x 4”