Alarm Panels

How are Industrial Alarm Panels Used?

Our Industrial Alarm Panels provide a reliable solution for controlling a variety of process applications. Models are available for controlling pumps, motors and many other variables. Models feature metal or non-metallic UL listed enclosures, din-rail components, warning beacons/piezo horns and control switches.

Applications for Industrial Alarm Panels Include

  • Sump Pump Basin Alarms
  • Holding Tank Alarm
  • Water, Holding & Sewage Tanks
  • Industrial Process Monitoring Alarms

Industrial alarm panels are very critical for the efficient and safe operation and control of industrial manufacturing plants. Alarms are used to inform the operator about process deviations from the normal so that the operator can take appropriate corrective action. Alarm activation and the corresponding response from the operator together serve as one of the critical layers of protection and safety.

When an abnormal condition arises, the alarm system gives an alarm in the form of an audible warning, flashing or blinking alarm indication and possibly an alarm message. The Alarm gives information about the problem or abnormal condition and its details.

Types of Industrial Alarm Panels Include

  • Power Loss Alarm Panels
  • Temperature Limit Alarm Panels
  • Hi / Lo Pressure Alarm Panels
  • High Water Alarm Panels
  • Compressor Fail Alarm Panels