Wireless Controls, Alarms & Sensors

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Applications for Wireless Remote Controls

• Solenoid Control
• Air Compressors
• Industrial Equipment
• Irrigation Systems
• Pump On/Off Control
• Process Controls
• Cranes
• Motorized Valves
• Lighting
• Remote Relay Control
• Water Level Alarms
• Ranch & Farm Equipment

Wireless remote controls are used in industrial and automation applications to control such devices as pumps, valves, lighting, cranes and motors. An industrial wireless remote control system can either be operated by a person pressing a switch, level or flow float switches, or by a computer controlled system such as a PLC. For example, an automated water draining system may use a wireless remote control transmitter connected to a PLC to send radio signals to a receiving wireless relay control box to turn on a pump, or to open a drain valve.