Product Returns

An RMA number is required on all product returns. Items arriving without a valid RMA number on the shipping label will be refused at delivery and will be returned to you.

To receive a RMA number from us we must receive the following information prior to you shipping the return. Send the information by email to

Email heading needs to be... "RMA Request"

Your note must include the following...

1. What is the order number the product was purchased under?

2. What is the item being returned?

3. Describe in details why you are returning the item?

4. Is the product unused, uninstalled?

Please note the following...

After we issue you a RMA number and the item is received back the following will happen.

1. Our shop manager will determine if the item was damaged during wiring or installation. In this case no refund will be available.

2. If the item is working as it should and is in resalable condition a 15% restocking fee will apply.

3. If the item is working as it should and not in resalable condition a 30% restocking/refurbishment fee will apply.

4. If the item failed under a covered warranty condition a full refund will be issued.

Depending on what is found we will issue full, partial or no credit for the returned item

 After we email you a valid RMA number please add the number to your label and send the return to...

Imagine Instruments LLC 
4500 Williams Drive
Ste 212-318
Georgetown, TX 78633