What is Solar Powered SCADA Equipment

What is Solar Powered SCADA Equipment?

SCADA or Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition is a large scale control system for automated industrial processes like municipal water supplies, power generation, steel manufacturing, gas and oil pipelines etc. SCADA systems monitor and control these operations by gathering data from sensors at the facility or remote station and then sending it to a central computer system that manages the operations.

Solar Powered SCADA Equipment is widely used in the applications such as water, wastewater management, oil & Gas, river and lake level monitoring, weather monitoring, fisheries and wildlife research.

 A solar-powered SCADA system is usually made up of three different subsystems: solar power system, SCADA Equipment and a communication system.

Solar Power System  Solar SCADA System

The solar power system consists of solar modules, a solar charge controller, rechargeable deep-cycle battery, power converter or inverter and a weather-proof outdoor enclosure. This system is used to collect solar power and store electrical power and convert the stored power into the correct voltage to operate the SCADA equipment.

Telemetry Equipment 

The telemetry system may have different configurations depending on the scope and needs of the SCADA application. In general, it basically breaks down into three areas: sensors, signal conditioning and MCU. The SCADA system is responsible for the collection and reporting of system status, plus process and environmental data such as temperature, level, pressure, humidity and water quality.

Communication System 

The communication system employs different technologies and components according to the communication needs of the SCADA system and the base or control center. The direct communication with the control center is usually achieved by high-power radio, cellular or satellite modules dedicatedly designed for long distance transmission.  

Applications for Solar Powered SCADA Systems 

  • Water / Wastewater Management & Monitoring
  • Oil and Gas Industry
  • Agriculture & Farming
  • Energy Monitoring
  • Fish & Wildlife Management