Wireless Control System Setup

If you just received your system from us follow these recommended steps to install and setup your system.

1. Unpack your order and confirm you have everything that comes with the model system you ordered.

2. The very first thing you need to do is bench test your system before making your final field installation. Yes, we fully test your system before we ship it. Bench testing your system is important to show you how the system works and will provide important clues later when you field install the unit. Many users go right to the field installation and then contact us to say…”its not working”. If they bench tested it first and it worked, then it didn’t work after the field installation we can determine that the most likely problem is with the field power they have, antennas are not aligned correctly, or maybe they added very long antenna extension cable on their own that resulted in a large loss of distance because of signal loss in the cable. Units should be within 10 feet or less when bench tested. See “How to Bench Test Your System” in the “Support” section of this website.

3. After step #2, If the system bench tested good, you can now field install your system. We recommend you install your control receiver first. This allows you to have half the system permanently mounted, and then have the flexibility to move the transmitter around during installation. Because the maximum achievable distance is reduced by obstructions in the radio signal path such as trees, hills and buildings, moving the transmitter and the transmitters antenna around allows you to get the best line-of-sight (LOS) between the transmitter and receivers antenna. We recommend that 2 people work to install the system with cell phone communication so the person located at the receiver can let the person at the transmitter know when they are getting a good signal and system operation.

4. Antenna setup and field installation is very important and can affect how well your system works. Antennas installed wrong and out of alignment will reduce the distance you can achieve and maybe even result in no communication between the transmitter and receiver. Please review the antenna and antenna extension cable guides we provide in the “Support” section of this website.

If you are experiencing a problem getting your system up and running, please review our “Wireless System Troubleshooting Guide”. You can find this document in the “Support” section in the “Support” section of this website.