Adjustable Electric Power Controller - Pre-wire, 120V AC, 1200 Watts Max

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 Adjustable Electric Power Controller - Pre-wire, 120V AC, 1200 Watts Max

Model (SKU): PWPC1-120V-1200W


  • 120V AC Model Controls Up to 1200 Watts
  • Built-in SCR Control Module
  • 8’ Rubberized Power Input Cord
  • 0-100% Adjustable Power Output Control
  • Red Mushroom Rapid Shutdown Switch
  • Red “Power On” Pilot Light
  • User Re-settable 10 Amp Circuit Breaker


  • Electric Brew Pot Control, Food Processing
  • Electric Heater Linear Power Control


Model PWPC1-120V-1200W – Adjustable Electric Power Controller provides reliable user adjustable 120V AC power control. The unit features a Benchtop or wall mountable console design, built-in SCR, adjustable 0-100% control dial, user resetable circuit breaker, power-on indicator, heavy duty integral power and output cords.

General Specifications
Enclosure Rating: NEMA 1 (For indoor use only)
Enclosure Material: Painted Cast Aluminum
Input Voltage: 90-125V AC, 50/60 Hz
Power Control: Adjustable, 0-100%
Max Output Load: 1200 Watts (Resistive)
Circuit Breaker: 10A, User Resettable
Power Input Cord: 8’ Rubberized with 3-Prong Male Plug
Power Output Cord: 2’ Rubberized with 3-Prong Female Plug
Mounting: Wall or Benchtop