Electrical Junction /Terminal Box

Electrical Junction /Terminal Box

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Electrical Junction/Terminal Box - 6-Position

Model: PJB-T6

  •      Rugged, PC/PBT Blended Plastic
  •      Weatherproof, UL Listed, NEMA 4X Rating
  •      Gasketed Door & Stainless-Steel Mounting Feet
  •      Integral 6-Position Terminal Block
  •      Available with Cables Glands Installed or No Holes


  • Sump Pump Basins, Holding Tanks
  • Load Cell Summing Box
  • Pump Control & Alarm Wiring
  • PV System Module Combiner
  • Outdoor Lighting Circuits
  • Industrial Controls

Our PJB-T6 Series of Pre-configured Plastic Junction/Terminal Boxes offer all the corrosion resistance and physical properties you need for applications ranging from the industrial floor to outdoor installation. Features include a Integral 6-Position Terminal Block, NEMA 4X rating, external stainless steel mounting feet and a gasketed door. Models are available with waterproof cable glands installed.

General Specifications
Enclosure Rating: NEMA 4, 4X, (IP66) UL Listed
Enclosure Material: PC/PBT Blended Plastic, UV Stabilized
Operating Temperature: -40 to 175 ºF (-40 to 80 ºC)
Dimensions: 5.11 x 3.93 x 2.75" (130 x 100 x 70mm)
Terminal Block: 6-Position, 120V, 20A Max Rating
Installation: Wall, Roof or Pole Mounted, For Indoor or Outdoor Use
Optional Cable Glands: PG9 - Max Cable Diameter 0.157-0.314 (4-8mm)
PG11 - Max Cable Diameter 0.197-0.394 (5-10mm)


Available Models

Model Number Description
PJB-T6-NOHOLES 6-Position Junction/Terminal Box (No Cable Glands Included, No holes drilled)
PJB-T6-2PG9 6-Position Junction/Terminal Box, 2 PG9 Cable Glands Installed
PJB-T6-2PG11 6-Position Junction/Terminal Box, 2 PG11 Cable Glands Installed
PJB-T6-3PG9 6-Position Junction/Terminal Box, 3 PG9 Cable Glands Installed
PJB-T6-3PG11 6-Position Junction/Terminal Box, 3 PG11 Cable Glands Installed
PJB-T6-4PG9 6-Position Junction/Terminal Box, 4 PG9 Cable Glands Installed
PJB-T6-4PG11 6-Position Junction/Terminal Box, 4 PG11 Cable Glands Installed
PJB-T6-6PG9 6-Position Junction/Terminal Box, 6 PG9 Cable Glands Installed
PJB-T6-6PG11 6-Position Junction/Terminal Box, 6 PG11 Cable Glands Installed