Wireless 2.4 GHz Type-J Thermocouple Transmitter / Receiver Set

Wireless 2.4 GHz Type-J Thermocouple Transmitter / Receiver Set

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Wireless Type-J Thermocouple Transmitter / Receiver Set

Model: XTR-SN24-TCJ

Note: The standard antennas included with this model allow for a maximum line-of-site (LOS) distance of 600 ft. For greater distances up to 1 mile you will need the long distance antenna option. Order optional antenna model DRWC-24-LRANT.


  • Provides Wireless Bridge for Thermocouple Signal
  • Model for J-type Thermocouples
  • Internal Cold Junction Compensation
  • Receiver Models 0-5, 0-10V DC or 4-20mA Output
  • Up To 1 Mile Line-of-site Operation
  • Adds Wireless Capability to Any Existing System
  • 12-24V DC Operation
  • NEMA 4X PVC Enclosures
  • Sold As Transmitter/Receiver Matched Set
  • License Free Point-to-point Radio Operation


Temperature Measurement Signals, Remote Sensor Monitoring & Control 


XTR-SN24-TC Series Wireless Thermocouple Transmitters feature a factory programmed transmitter / receiver matched set. The transmitter sends Thermocouple measurements to a base receiver up to 1 mile away using license free 2.4 GHz RF technology. The receiver base provides analog voltage or current (4-20 mA)output. Each Transmitter/Receiver set is factory coded as a matched set and requires no field programming. Models can be solar powered.  

 General Specifications 

 Radio Frequency:   2.4 GHz 
 Regulatory:   FCC Part 15 (No license required)  
 Transmitter/Receiver Code Matching:   Factory set  
 Antenna Connection:   RP-SMA  
 Wiring Connection:   Terminal Blocks  
 Transmit/Receive Distance 
 (with included antennas):   Indoor/Urban 100ft, Line-of-site 600 ft.  
 Transmit/Receive Distance 
 (with optional antennas):   Indoor/Urban 300ft, Line-of-site 1 Mile  
 Operating Temperature:  -22 to 113 ºF (-30 to 45 ºC)  
 Enclosure:   PVC, NEMA 4, 4X  
 Antennas:   5dbi, Omni-directional (Included) 

Transmitter Specifications 

 Thermocouple Input:   Type-J
 Measurement Range:  0 to 500 °F (-18 to 260 °C) or 0 to 800 °F (-18 to 427 °C)
 Measurement Accuracy:   +/- 4.5°F (2.5 °C)  
 Sensor Break Result:   Upscale Output  
 A/D Resolution:   10 Bits  
 RF Power Output:   63mW  
 RF Data Rate:   250 kbps  
 RF Output Impedance:   50 Ohm nominal  
 Operating Power:   12 - 24V DC @ 3W max 


Receiver Specifications 

 Analog Output:   0-5V, 0-10V or 4-20mA (by model)  
 Receive Sensitivity:   -100 dBm  
 RF Input Impedance:   50 Ohm nominal  
 Operating Power:   12 - 24V DC @ 3W max  
 RF Signal Loss Result:   Holds output at last reading received. 


Regulatory Approvals 

 Regulatory:   FCC Part 15 (No license required)  
 IC (Canada):   4214A-XBEEPRO

Transmitter Operation  

The wireless thermocouple transmitter reads analog voltage output from a type-K Thermocouple sensor and then sends the measured data over the air to a remote location. The measured thermocouple signals are converted to digital packets and then transmitted via a license free radio transmission to a waiting control receiver. 

Receiver Operation  

The wireless thermocouple receiver decodes any incoming radio packets and converts them into linear voltage or current output signals for interfacing with PLCs, Controllers, Data Loggers or Process Measurement Instruments. 

Each Wireless Thermocouple Transmitter/Receiver Set includes 5dBi Antennas, 9'Antenna Extension Cables, Antenna Mounting Brackets and User Manual.

Note: Continued product improvements make specifications subject to change without notice.  

This product is approved for use in North America.