Din-Rail Thermocouple Connectors

Din-Rail Thermocouple Connectors

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Din-Rail Thermocouple Connectors



  • Available in J, K, T or E Thermocouple Calibration
  • Din-rail Mounted Design


These din-rail mounted thermocouple terminal blocks are designed for use in temperature measuring circuits. The current carrying part of the terminal blocks have the same material (according to DIN437134 and DIN43714) which is used for compensating cables in the temperature measurement circuit (up to 200°C).

The terminal blocks are marked for the respective type of thermocouple and +/- connection which enables easy identification for wiring.


Terminal Width: 10mm
Height x Length: 45 x 43mm
Wire Stripping Length: 8mm
Insulation Material: Polyamide 6.6
Current Carrying Material:

J - Iron (Fe) / Constantan (CuNi)

K - Chromel (NiCr) / Alumel (NiAl)

T - Copper (Cu) / Constantan (CuNi)

E - Chromel (NiCr) / Constantan (CuNi)

Type of Connection: Screw Clamp
Wire Range: 24-12 AWG
Voltage Rating: 300V Max
Current Rating: 10A Max
Torque: 7 lb-in