Power Control Station with Anti-restart Protection

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Power Control Station with Anti-restart Protection

Series: PCS-OP


  • Provides Power Outage Anti-Restart Protection
  • Features On/Off Push-button Switches
  • Rugged Plastic Enclosure with Mounting Ears
  • Easily Resettable Front Panel Circuit Breaker
  • Latching Relay Prevents Automatic Restart
  • Includes Pre-wired Power and Output Cords


  • Temperature Control Applications
  • Industrial Machinery
  • Rotating Equipment


Series PCS-OP Power Control Station with Anti-restart Protection provides an economical quick and easy way to add protection to your manufacturing process. Each unit features a rugged non-conductive enclosure with built-in mounting ears, separate on/off push buttons, a front panel circuit breaker, “Power On” pilot light and pre-wired integral power and output cords. The unit provides anti-restart protection by use of an internal latching relay. The unit is be placed in series between a breaker protected branch circuit outlet and the equipment you want to protect. Pushing the green “On” button will activate the latching relay and hold the output power on. If there is a power outage the latching relay will drop out disconnecting the output power. When the outage is over and power comes back on the unit will not resume providing output power until the “On” button is pressed again. The red “Off” button can also be used at any time to turn the output power off.

Enclosure Rating: NEMA 1 (For Indoor Use Only)
Enclosure Material: PVC Plastic
Anti-Restart Protection: Internal Latching Relay
Power Connection: 7’ Cord with 3-Prong Male Plug End
Output Connection: 2’ Cord with 3-Prong Female Plug End
Operating Voltage: 100 -125V AC, 50/60Hz
Max Temperature: -40 to175 ºF (-40 to 80 ºC)
Enclosure Dimension: 4 x 4 x 2.5”

Available Models


Max Output Load

Circuit Breaker


600 Watts



840 Watts



1200 Watts

10 AMP


1800 Watts

15 AMP