S-Type Load Cell Sensor with Cable

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 S-Type Load Cell Sensor with Cable


  • Tension or Compression Operation
  • High Accuracy and Stability
  • Hermetically welded/sealed
  • Oilproof & Waterproof
  • Alloy Steel Body Construction

This Load cell is made of alloy steel, hermetically welded/sealed, oil-proof, waterproof and made from anti-corrosion material. Applications include crane scales, mechanical conversion scales, hopper scales and many other electronic weighing devices. The S-beam design allows for tension and/or compression loading.


 Zero output:±1≤%F·S
 Output resistance: 350 ± 5hm
 Insulation resistance: More than 5000megohm (50VDC)
 Input resistance: 365 ± 20 ohm
 Excitation voltage: 10V-15V
 Size: 3 x 0.75 x 2inch

 Wire Connection: red: power supply +, black: power -, green: signal + white: signal -