Solar Powered Deep Well Pump Kit with Battery Backup

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Solar Powered Deep Well Pump Kit with Battery Backup

SERIES: SWPK1-ZXL (Pole Mounted Solar Panels)

Models Available:
SWPK1-ZXL-120W-100 (Two 60 Watt Solar Panels)
SWPK1-ZXL-200W-100 (Two 100 Watt Solar Panels)
SWPK1-ZXL-240W-100 (Two 120 Watt Solar Panels)

This Solar Powered Well Pump System converts energy from the sun to run a DC powered pump. The energy generated supplies off-grid electric power to operate
and control well pumps for irrigation or to provide a livestock water source in remote locations. The amount of run time the pump is on can be controlled by the
optional level float switch (shown) or any other manual or automatic switch you provide. Battery backup for operation on dark days.

What's Included with this Solar Powered Water Pump Kit:
• DC Powered Deep Well Pump
• Two Solar Panels
• Side-of-pole Mount Bracket
• Deep-cycle Solar Battery
• Solar Power Cables with MC4 Y-connector
• System/Battery NEMA 3R Enclosure
• Free Pump Sock Filter
• Solar Charge Controller
• Digital 24/7 Programmable Timer

Solar Panels:

High performance design that provide excellent low light performance. Panels feature a heavy duty extruded aluminum frame with high transparency, low-iron tempered glass

Panel Mounting Bracket: 

Rugged pole mounting system constructed from heavy-duty corrosion-resistant 5052-H32 aluminum. This sturdy bracket mounts to the side of a metal pole and has a wind capacity of up to 90 MPH.

Solar Powered Well Pump:

The solution to your remote water pumping needs. This pump is rugged, durable and built to last. This pump delivers an average 96 GPH (360 LPH) when supplied with 24 VDC. Its unique water-tight power connector stops water wicking and prevents potential condensation problems. The perfect design for livestock watering, irrigation or pond aeration.

Deep-cycle Battery & System/Battery Enclosure:

Maintenance free, long life, high-energy sealed Lead Acid design provides years of reliable service under the most extreme conditions.

Deep Well Pump Features:
• Two Year Repair or Replace Warranty
• For Use with Solar Panels
• Cable Connector is Waterproof
• Fits 4.1" Diameter and Larger Wells
• Runs Dry Without Damage
• 50 Mesh Stainless Steel Inlet Screen
• Corrosion-proof Body with S.S. Fasteners
• FREE Sock Filter Included

General Specifications
Solar Power Cables: Male/Female Set, 12 AWG, MC4 Connectors, 12' Long
Battery Enclosure: Aluminum, NEMA 3R, Holds Battery, Charge Controller, Controls
Battery: 12V, 100Ah Deep-cycle (Provides 10 Hours Backup Power)
Solar Charge Controller: 12V, 10A
Free Sock Filter: 4" Dia, x 14" Long
Panel Mount Bracket: Aluminum, Side-of-pole mounted
Solar Panel Wattage: See ordering table below

Well Pump Specifications
Pump Design: Positive Displacement
Pump Motor: Permanent Magnet
Flow Rate: See Table Below
Pump Max Power: 4A @ 24V DC
Max Total Lift: 230' (70m) with 200 or more solar watts
Max Submersion Depth: 100' (30m)
Water Outlet Fitting: ½" Barbed
Integral Power Cord: 9' (2.7m)
Dimensions (L x D): 13 x 3.75"

Pump will run 3-4 Hours each sunny day with the 120W solar panel kit.
Pump will run 4.5-5.5 Hours each sunny day with the 200W solar panel kit.
Pump will run 5-6 Hours each sunny day with the 240W solar panel kit.

Average Pump Output Vs Total Vertical Lift @ 24VDC

Total Vertical Lift:

Flow Rate Per Hour:

Max Daily Output
(120 Solar Watts)

Max Daily Output
(200 Solar Watts)

Max Daily Output
(240 Solar Watts)


117 GPH

468 Gal

585 Gal

585 Gal


114 GPH

456 Gal

570 Gal

585 Gal


109 GPH

436 Gal

545 Gal

585 Gal


106 GPH

426 Gal

530 Gal

585 Gal


103 GPH

412 Gal

515 Gal

585 Gal


101 GPH

404 Gal

505 Gal

585 Gal


99 GPH

396 Gal

495 Gal

585 Gal


96 GPH

384 Gal

480 Gal

585 Gal


465 Gal

585 Gal


455 Gal

585 Gal


410 Gal

585 Gal