Tower Stack Lights

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Tower Lights with Attached Switch Box

Series: TLBC-XL


  • Stacks with Green, Yellow, Red, Blue or White Lights
  • Attached Switch Box Model
  • Light and Switch Box Can Be Desk or Wall Mounted
  • 120V AC Operation
  • Rotary or Push-button Switches To Control Lights
  • Models with Piezo Alarm Module


  • Industrial Operation Status Alarms
  • Factory Process Notification
  • Alert or Warning Indication for Office or Factory


The TLBC-XL Series are Multi-color Tower Lights mounted onto a rugged plastic enclosure with wireless operated industrial control switches. Versions are available with an attached switch box or a remote cable between the light assemblies. Features include stainless steel mounting brackets, rotary or push-button switches and terminal blocks for power connection.

General Specifications

Enclosure Rating: NEMA 1, 2 (For Indoor Use Only)
Enclosure Material: PC/PBT Blended Plastic
Light Activation: Integral Switch
Power Connection: Internal Terminal Block
Operating Power: 120V AC
Max Temperature: -40 to175 ºF (-40 to 80 ºC)



Available Light Colors: Red, Green, Yellow
Available Switch Options: Push-button, Rotary
Available Audible Options: Buzzer