Water Pressure Switch (Adjustable) - Economical Standard Model

Water Pressure Switch (Adjustable) - Economical Standard Model

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Water Pressure Switch (Adjustable) - Economical Standard Model

Series: WPS-N1-SM


  • NEMA 1 Rated
  • Contacts open on rising pressure
  • 2-pole, rated 1-1/2 HP @115V AC, 2-HP @ 230 V AC
  • Diaphragm Actuated
  • Adjustable cut-in/out and differential
  • Pressure connection: 1/4" NPT female
  • Brass terminals and screws


This lead-free water pressure switch is designed for control of electrically driven water pumps. It may be used to control all types of pumps including jet, submersible, or reciprocating.


Connection Size: 1/4-inch NPT

Contact Ratings: 1-1/2 HP @115V AC, 2-HP @ 230V AC

Connection Type: Female Pipe Thread

Material: Plastic, Steel, Brass

Cut-In Pressure / Cut-Off Pressure: (Adjustable) See Model Table

Maximum Operating Pressure: See Model Table

Product Type: Water Pump Pressure Switch

Available Models

 Model Cut-In Pressure Cut-Off Pressure Max Pressure
WPS-N1-SM-3050 30 PSI 50 PSI 60 PSI
WPS-N1-SM-4060 40 PSI 60 PSI 70 PSI